World Cup Widows: 8 Things to Do While the Lads Are Away

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

So the 2014 World Cup is about to kick off, which means your husband or boyfriend has either left you in preparation for the big event or plans to ignore you from now until England inevitably loses. This may at first seem like a bit of a gutter, but the truth is it’s actually a blessing in disguise. While he’s got his face glued to the TV screen, being a lad with the lads, doing lad stuff, it’s time to make the most of this welcome solitude.

Stuck for ideas? Not to worry – we’ve got a few ways you can keep yourself occupied during this year’s World Cup while the lads concern themselves with other men’s balls. Behold the World Cup widow’s summertime bucket list.

World Cup 2014: Girls Summertime Bucket List

Work On Your Wingwoman Skills

Your significantly preoccupied other might have temporarily ditched you in favour of TV, but your girls need you – and your single girls really need you. Lads’ night out consists of men sharpening their wingman weaponry – and this is your chance to do the same. World Cup season means girls’ nights galore, so next time you’re out with the lasses, work on some creative new wingwoman techniques. Whether it’s establishing an inventive safe word, distracting the target’s wingman or regaling the man in question with sensational hero stories, there are tons of wingwoman skills out there for the learning – and now’s the time to get your study on.

Selfie Unashamedly

Has your boyfriend or husband ever made you feel ashamed to selfie? Thankfully that’s not a problem anymore (for the foreseeable future). Selfie wherever and whenever the urge strikes – on the train, at the store, in the street – because now, anything goes. Use all the filters you never had the confidence to before, whether it’s a cheeky 1977 or even an obnoxious X-Pro II. He had his chance to make the rules and now your Instagram followers will reap the benefits of your newfound photographic freedoms.

Girls On Tour

Ever felt like going somewhere your lad didn’t fancy? Go there. If you can get the girls on board, take the metaphorical leap and get travelling. It might be a day trip to the beach or a weekend away to lands unknown, but whatever your destination, just make sure it’s a road trip story worth telling and retelling.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Girls Guide

Liquid Research

As a taken woman with limited time, you probably haven’t had the chance to try every cocktail on the menu – but now’s an excellent opportunity to make a dent. Cocktail with a purpose, frequenting as many bars and clubs as possible so you can power your way through the almighty cocktail catalogue or die trying. Better yet, take out two birds with one stone and snap a selfie every time you check another one off.

Beer, Sweats & TV

How many times has your guy spent his Saturday seemingly comatose on the sofa, armed with a can of lager and his faithful sweatpants? Well sweats Saturdays are World Cup Saturdays now, leaving you free to occupy 100% of the sofa, watching barrel-scraping Saturday afternoon TV like it ain’t no thing. Just make sure the TV’s bad and the beer’s cheap.

Do It Yourself

While bringing manual labour into the mix may seem a little counterproductive, this can be an amazing way to reject those pesky gender roles, especially when the man of the house is much too busy for DIY. If you’ve got something that needs fixing or building, simply do it yourself. You’re more than capable – and this will serve as an excellent reminder to your lad that his unwillingness/inability to complete man jobs at World Cup o’clock affects you in no way whatsoever.

The 2014 World Cup: Girls Summertime Bucket List

Man Up

If you’ve been living with a pesky phobia you’d rather not have, make the most of your football-related free time and get rid of it. Scared of spiders? Hold one. Hate heights? Find some. Fear of flying? Spread your wings. These needless limitations are holding you back in life – and now you’ve got a prime opportunity to evolve as a person,what’s there to do but make the most of it?

Enter the Wilderness

When you’ve got a weekend of sunshine on the horizon and he’s otherwise engaged, find yourself your own engagement and head to the countryside. Gather the troops and plan an emergency camping trip to exploit the sun’s rays for all they’re worth. If you’re feeling feminine, glamping can be a relaxing alternative to the real deal, but there really is no better time to take a trip which doesn’t require hair straighteners or fake tan. Extra points for pitching tents, making fire and wrestling bears.


Excited for the 2014 World Cup yet? We thought so.

And hey, if you fancy making a profit during this summer of glorious freedom, why not organise a World Cup sweepstake while you’re at it? That way, you can make the most of World Cup season and maybe even make some spending money.

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