How do i play?


Pepper the Panda here, I am going to help explain how to play the sweeps and use the site. Remember it is completely free to play any of the sweeps on the site, The amount you want to play for between your friends or work mates is entirely up to you. it can be as high or low as you want, or even nothing!

How to play:

1) Choose the sport or event. Choose the sport or event you and your friends or work mates want to have a sweep for.

2) Enter your name and e-mail address.  As the Organiser, All you need to do is enter your name and e-mail and check the box to if you want to play or not. If you choose to play you will also be sent an e-mail with what you have drawn along with an e-mail detailing what all the other players have drawn.

3) Enter the “Amount to play per person.” This is the amount each of the players you enter will put towards the winning total. You can decide how to divide the winnings between the players. First gets everything or divide it up between first, second and third.

4) Check “All fields must be filled below” or “Not all fields need to be filled, remaining choices will be divided between players.” This means that the number of players must equal the number of fields shown (i.e. one horse per player) or the number of players doesn’t need to equal the fields shown (i.e. players will get multiple horses)

5) Enter the players names and e-mail addresses. Enter all the names and e-mail addresses of the players you want to play in the sweep. They will get an e-mail sent to them telling them the random selection they have been given.

6) Enter the code and press submit. Enter the code and press submit and all the e-mails will be sent out to the players….and that’s it! Sweep organized!

Note: If there is an odd number of choices and the organiser has selected the “Not all fields need to be filled, remaining choices will be divided between players” a player will receive the extra choice. In the summary e-mail the organiser receives they will see the extra choice and they can then subtract that choice.

7) Have fun! Watch the sport or event and see who got the winner!

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at

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